Friday, February 26, 2010

A tired dog is a good dog!

I think our dogs are out of shape!  Lucy took them for a walk this morning and they are wiped out.  They get all excited to go for a walk and it kicks their butt!  They came home and crashed on Amber's bed.  It's actually nice and peaceful but now I need to go the the gym to get my exercise since they're not making me get out of my chair every to seconds to let them go outside or come back in.  

I took a few pics of them on Amber's (really?  It's Ambers?) bed.  Their both getting pretty old, but it's pretty hard to put anything past Kali.  Ben is getting into his teens (in people years) and he'll sleep through pretty much anything.  


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Haircuts (or how to make a grown man cry)

The girls got hair cuts (and more) last Sunday; it cost a fortune! I'm really glad my haircuts are cheap. Almost could buy another AB800 for what the haircuts cost! And we're not even close to prom season...  

Amber wanted pictures; Mariah didn't, but it gave me a chance to play with my new light. Used the AB800 in Soft box at 1/32nd power as the main light and my old SB28 cybersync'd in the Photoflex soft box as a hair light. The fire signal went directly to the SB28 and the AB800 was slaved to it. Lucy held the reflector. We just shot against the white wall in the family room.  

Welcome to Tom's new Blog

Hello! Welcome to my new blog! I have finally decided to create a blog out of my burning desire to write something every day! Okay, so maybe I'm not really that passionate about writing, but I am passionate about photography. After admiring friends' and fellow photographer's blogs over time, I have decided that maybe (just maybe) blogging can be a great way to share my perspective and my photography with the the world.

This being my first post (ever!) I tried hard to come up with something profound to say, but since I'm running late for Parent/Teacher conferences, I'll have to baffle you with bs later!